Warranty and Lemon Law

BRBCSW serves the litigation needs of manufacturers and dealers of cars, trucks, boats, recreational vehicles, and motorcycles throughout Georgia and Florida. We are well-experienced in representing manufactures and dealers in the courtroom and in mediation and arbitration, including lemon law hearings before the Georgia Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection and the Better Business Bureau.

Having defended hundreds of these cases, we understand the interplay between federal and state warranty laws and the complex regulatory schemes that govern warranties and repairs. With that experience, we have seen and successfully defended every type of claim: express warranty, implied warranty, lemon law, breach of contract, deceptive business practices, Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, and fraud. We understand the differences between normal operating characteristics, defects, goodwill repairs, and improper maintenance, and we know how to explain those differences at mediation, arbitration, or in the courtroom.

And because we have handled so many of these cases over the years, BRBCSW can offer manufactures cost-effective and high-quality representation. We believe that no Georgia firm outside of the Atlanta area has handled more warranty-type claims thanBRBCSW.


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